What To Look For When Selecting An Influencer Marketing Agency

Influencer Selection Criteria

The interest in marketing through influencers has soared over the last several years and so have the amount of agencies who promise to help brands get the job completed. And finding influencers, vetting them, briefing them, executing agreements with them, remuneration them and then making sure they fulfill their duties can be a lot of work. So it's not surprising that some brands would want outsourcing this task to professionals.

The next step is to decide how to pick from the many generalist and specialty agencies that claim to help. Here are eight factors that can help you separate experts from novices and make your search easier for the right influencer agency. The most effective way to market influencers is sinkwitz intellifluence.

Joe Sinkwitz Experience

Because influencer marketing has been in existence since the beginning of time the majority of agencies have lots of experience. Requesting case studies that are relevant to your business and the goal you're trying to achieve (e.g., web traffic or sales in stores) is enough. is a great place to start seeing who to discuss more in depth with.

Influencer Selection Criteria

In the past, identifying an influencer was choosing an individual who was a great fit for your company and also had content relevant to your field. We can now examine the composition of audiences for influencers to see if they're a good fit to the brand. To ensure that it isn't excessively high, we can check their saturation rate (the proportion of content created by them which is sponsored). We can see if they've mentioned competitors recently in their posts. It is possible to determine whether their language is safe for brands or not.

With so many advanced filtering systems currently in use, relying on "brand fit" just isn't acceptable.

Criteria for Evaluation of Content

In the past couple of years, our influencers have produced hundreds of thousands of pieces of brand-related content. We observed that each piece of content performs differently. Not surprisingly, some content is successful however, while some do not, much like content developed by a company or its creative agency.

How do agencies assess each piece of content once it has been made in the wild?

Content should be evaluated by its organic performance in terms of likes, comments and shares, but it's also important to scrutinize the comments and detect signs of inauthentic, off-topic or even paid comments.

Targeting Strategy

An agency that's simply offering to locate and brief influencers for a brand isn't adding any value to the current marketing mix.

The organic content of influencers is seen by a small subset of users (usually approximately 9 percent according to our experience, however this can vary depending on which social networks are utilized).

What is the strategy that the agency use to ensure that content is reaching the correct people? That high-performing content that was assessed in Step No. 3. The content could be further improved by an advertising strategy to get the attention of the correct target audience.

Measurement Strategy

Measurement of influencer marketing deserves separate articles on the subject. One question that influencer agencies must ask is how they count impressions. Does one impression count for each follower of an influencer? With the approximate organic reach of 9 that means they are overstating reach by more that 10 times. Are they able to publish only on the actual content?

Additionally, neither reach nor engagement rate is correlated with sales, therefore measuring impressions and engagements only is not enough. What other business metrics can an agency track other rather than vanity metrics? There are numerous advanced measurement techniques available right now. You can choose from the many agencies that offers the methods.

Optimization Strategy

Many influencer campaigns depend on the influencers creating their content in line with the schedule and then observing to see what happens. But every other form of digital marketing is optimized, usually daily, to maximize performance.

Optimizing influencer marketing is possible as well. Everything from post formats and content to the targeting of influencers themselves can be altered. What is the plan of the agency for optimization?

Content Rights

Branded content is an investment of a significant amount by brands. Different agencies negotiate different agreements with the influencers on what rights the brand has to the content. In the ideal scenario the brand gets a lifetime license to reuse the content across any platform. Contact the agency to inquire about the rights your company could enjoy when using the content.

Guaranteed Results

What outcomes can the agency provide their clients? Do they promise deliverables like the number of influencers and the quantity of content that will be made? Are they able to provide more guarantees, for instance, the volume of traffic to a certain website? What is the consequence if they don't fulfill their promises? What remedies are open to the company?

While guaranteeing sales is extraordinarily difficult in most agency relationships, influencer agencies are expected to be able guarantee certain results based on true views, engagements, or even web traffic.


Choosing an agency of any kind is a daunting task, as one can start to sound very similar to one. These eight factors will assist you in navigating the options and choose the most appropriate subset that will help your brand's success.